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Disruptive interactions road infrastructure - automated vehicles

- 17 years (1967 – 1984) in Philips Group : SODERN (test of neutronic sources and neutronic detectors), PHILIPS DATA SYSTEM (development of mini computers), LEP (PHD Thesis work- computer network distributed control).
- 30 years (1984 – 2014) as R&D Engineer in RENAULT.
- Funding and managing VICI (Vehicle – Infrastructure Cooperative Innovations) from March 2014.
Currently :
- Partner of PAC V2X project,
- Member of the STF 565 (Specialist Task Force financed by the European Commission for the protection of VRU (Vulnerable Road Users)).
- Convenor of the CEN TC 226 WG12 (Road Infrastructure – Automated vehicle interactions).
- Assistance to public transportation department for SCOOP, C-ROAD, IN DID European research projects.

The automated vehicle deployment will be a long and critical process due to the complexity of terrestrial environment, evolving weather conditions and the long cohabitation with human driven vehicles. The automated vehicle will be also requiring a strong energetic transition which will be leading to the deployment of new energetic supply such electrical provisioning and hydrogen provisioning with its capability to collect the required energy, automatically when needed. The road environment complexity and the energetic transition will then require an intelligent development of the necessary road infrastructure for supporting the automated vehicle deployment. This will be parallel deployment processes which need to be coordinated.

Document joint : Gérard SEGARRA    12.7 ko