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Smart transport : policy and practice in China

Professor PAN is Director of Land Use-Transport Studies, Department of Urban Planning, Tongji University, Shanghai and Director of IVM China.
PAN Haixiao is one of China’s leading researchers in urban land use and transport planning. He has published several books and numerous articles in this area. In addition, he has been involved in many urban planning projects and transport planning studies commissioned by local governments,including Transport and Towns Development in Shanghai Region, Shanghai 2010 Expo Transport Management Framework (funded by Shanghai Municipal Government), Metro Transport and Urban Spatial Structure (commissioned by China Nature Science Foundation), and Urban Spatial Strategy toward Low Carbon City. Professor PAN earned his Ph.D. in Engineering from Shanghai JiaoTong University in 1989.

An analysis on the development of information and communication technology in traffic management, public transport and shared mobility service in China. Today autonomous driving technology is a hot topic, funneling a lot of resources. Over the last few years, this technology has been applied to various use cases with mixed results. Regulation and institutional issues remain to be clearly discussed before considering wide applications.

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