Presentation of the Team

Our teaching team are recognised researchers within their field and embed industry relevant case studies into the course to ensure content is current to the issue we face around sustainability and renewable energy. Applied research seeks practical solutions to contemporary problems, while more theoretical explorations seek to understand our physical and social world, generating new knowledge that can have long-term benefits in many fields of human endeavour.

Cooperation team

Jean-François JANIN

General coordinator

Engineer of Paris Tech ( Polytechnique 1969, Ponts et Foréts 1974)

Experience : Environment protection and Industry development in Paris and Clermont-Ferrand. CEO of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lille.

Expertise : ITS (Intelligent transport systems), Public-Private Partnership.

As Président of URBA 2000 I am convinced that training the young professionals to sustainable development is the best way to prepare them to build the new digital and multicultural world for efficiency and peace.



Diploma : Medical University FUDAN (1986)
Experience : AirForce Medical Service (1986-1994)

Newspaper of the Poste (Beijing) : Editor (1994-1997)
DASSIN Ltd Director Général 1997-2007

International NGO
GAPME President (from 2013)
Global Alliance SME (International Association) Director in European Committee (from 2009)
IREA (Professional training structure) CEO (from 2017)

Expertise : Multicultural, Health


Brittany coordinator

President of ECO-ORIGIN (from 2010)
Administrator of Rennes 1 University (confirmation in 2019)
President of the Development Committee of École des Métiers de l’Environnement
President of the Developpement Committee of Campus Esprit in Redon
Co création of BMA (2012)
Past Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Rennes
Past President of the training commission for the Brittany Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Digital Officer

Masters in Computer Science and Cable Networks awarded by the Lille University

Cooperation between various organisations and Interoperability platforms : PREDIM
Sustainability of Transport Systems in the digital area : Intelligent mobility
Sino-French Cooperation at national and regional levels. Role of academics for intercultural exchanges : THNS
Weekly survey on digital, environment, energy, mobility and urbanism


Director of the School EME

Diploma : State Doctor in sciences (geology)

Work experience :
BRGM French Geological Survey (1979-83)
Ministry of Industry (Observatory of raw materials) 1984-88
ECCO Sécurité Group (1989-91)

Professor and consultant

Funder of the College of High Level Studies for Environment and Sustainable Development, national institution for education of managers (1995)
Professor at Ecole Centrale Paris (2004- 2009)
Director of the School of Environmental Management and Engineering (EME) in Rennes

Expertise : Ecotourism

François HUBERT

Senior international consultant

Masters in Chemical Engineering and Business Administration
Professionnal experience
He worked mostly in energy related industries : EDF (France), Philips (Netherland) and FLSmidth (Denmark). He created the French bureau of Blue H, on floating offshore wind turbines and founded Kemiwatt in Rennes (energy storage)
Expertise : international project management, energy, waste management, finance.
Founder and president of Global Brittany, association involving international students and professionals, including many Chinese.

Cristiana MAZZONI

Professor of architecture

Graduated from the University Architecture Institute of Venise
Doctor in Urban planning at the University Paris 8 (2000)

Teacher-researchers in National Architecture Schools
Paris-Belleville ENSA (2008)
Creation of the AMUP Chair (Urban Morphogenesis and Mobility) between Strasburg University and TONGJI Univ. (2009)
Full Professor at the ENSA Paris-Belleville (2018)
Director of Chair Metropolis Architecture Great Events (CNRS, PARIS-Belleville, TONGJI Ubiversity, Social Sciences Shanghai University, VINCI Construction)

July 2019

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