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Skills for Innovative Metropolitan Mobility : Europe_2030


Cristiana Mazzoni, UMR AUSser, FAN Lang, Vice Chief Engineer, Chongqing Transport Planning Institute

The idea is to establish a digital e-governance model (IMM-model) addressed to enhance innovative mobility and connectivity scenarios in the large metropolitan area of EU cities (polycentric area). The objective is also to enhance environmental and spatial issues, especially in the activity and housing area around the metropolitan and urban railway stations network.
Using indicators linked to a sustainable mobility planning (Poly-SUMP process) and adapted to each specific area, the project proposes interactive collaboration between actors. The FabLab – (fabrication laboratory) a small-scale workshop offering digital fabrication - is the framework able to organize the stakeholders in each EU city involved in the project.
The digital IMM e-governance model will manage this collaboration. It allows to share technic competences (of architects, engineers, stakeholders…) as well as philosophies and methods.
The SKIMME_2030 project is linked to the “preparing well” Poly-SUMP process and will develop scenarios managed by the IMM-model

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