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City Care and Body ecology : proof of concept of Sleepzone in Shanghaï


Nathalie PLET, psychanalist researcher CRPMS Paris 7 / associated researcher CIMTC Pitié Salpêtrière / Chairman association Arts et Mouvement-Picardie

Nathalie Plet is associated reseacher and scientific director of a program in La Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital. One part of his work speak about Thinking – Body and Territory.
The setting « Sleepzone » was experimented three times in Picardie with support of Regional Council and CR (Regional Council) Hauts de France renew his support to experimente Sleepzone potentialy in Shanghaï.
Indeed, this setting cross several disciplines and especially chinese medicine.
Which place for us, for pedestrian in the modern and contempory city ? The intensive developpement of urbanism and construction permit or not a real adaptation for good enought health and circulation ? Which ways of presence in our modernity taken in ultra-mobility ?