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01-03-2019 École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Paris-Belleville (ENSAPB)

The school is located at 60 boulevard de la Villette in the Belleville neighborhood of Paris. It was built on a series of fundamental agreements:
 strengthen research and diversified practices in architectural education
 develop the science of the project integrating know-how, theory and practice,
 find relevant links and associations between courses and develop international partnerships,
 reaffirm that the teaching of architecture can not be limited to a simple professional training.
The school runs and manages a joint research unit (UMR 3329 AUSser) whose six research lines are as follows:
 Territorial architecture
 Heritage and project
 Architectures and cities of contemporary Asia
 Architectures of the present time
 Architecture and technical culture
 Architecture: diffusion, transmission, teaching
The school has 1185 students (1 2 and 3 license, Master1, Master2, HMONP habilitation to the exercise of mastery work on its behalf, DSA diplomas specialization and deepening, PhD students) and 150 teachers.

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