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18-03-2021 Planning for Autonomous Mobility

24-12-2020 Emissions Gap Report 2020

09-07-2020 KOMPAÏ Robotics - The robot to help frail people and their caregivers

01-07-2020 IRU report uncovers barriers to road safety investment

25-06-2020 hEART 2020 : 9th Symposium of the European Association for Research in Transportation

05-06-2020 How the rail sector fought Covid-19 during lockdowns

28-05-2020 EU rescue plan paves the way for hydrogen infrastructure investment

14-05-2020 U.K. Government boosts bicycling and walking

07-05-2020 Autonomy 2020 - digital exhibition - 4- 5 November 2020

04-05-2020 UIC - potential measures to restore confidence in rail travel following the Covid-19 pandemic

01-05-2020 Micromobility and Data Standards – The Implications within Europe

23-04-2020 A robot will charge your electric vehicle

17-04-2020 Zero Pollution Vision : Europe’s Main Goal

16-04-2020 Amazon shuts French warehouses after virus safety dispute

09-04-2020 ACEA calls for 90,000 charging points for Electric Trucks

09-04-2020 The Future of Trucking

03-04-2020 Qwant will become the search engine in the Huawei smartphone

02-04-2020 Coronavirus information from the French Government

27-03-2020 MOOCs on FUN

27-03-2020 EU’s Breton defends COVID-19 telecoms data acquisition plans

26-03-2020 Your Guide to the French Mobility Orientation Law

24-03-2020 Robotics companies help with COVID-19 response

22-03-2020 COVID 19, UIC works on providing its members and partners with concrete measures

21-03-2020 French reduction of mobility

21-03-2020 China’s experience shows right policies make difference in fighting COVID-19

20-03-2020 Health rating system deployed in over 100 cities: Alipay

04-10-2019 XXVI World Road Congress - Abu Dhabi 2019

16-07-2019 The role of the UNFCCC in the mitigation of the climate change

04-07-2019 COP25 Chile 2019

04-03-2019 "les petits débrouillards" non profit organization

04-03-2019 CROUS of Lannion

04-03-2019 Science Space of Rennes

04-03-2019 The Pleumeur-Bodou Satellite Communications Center

04-03-2019 Museum of the Indies Company of Lorient

04-03-2019 The oceanographic center of Brest

01-03-2019 École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Paris-Belleville (ENSAPB)

01-03-2019 City of Luchon

01-03-2019 IREA - applied research institute

01-03-2019 Blended learning

26-02-2019 The Lannion media library

26-02-2019 The Confucius Institute of Brittany

24-04-2018 China’s Alibaba snags AI deal with Daimler, Audi, Volvo

16-02-2018 2018 Polis Conference

09-02-2018 China formulates new policies for autonomous cars in bid to catch up to US

04-02-2018 Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities Launched by Consortium of Transport Experts

02-02-2018 Testing and learning about digital mobility solutions in Rennes

22-01-2018 France bleu - Autonomous cars