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The autonomous vehicle : what are we talking about ?

Researcher, Director of the Driving Delegation & Connectivity programme, VEDECOM
Guillaume Bresson has PhD in Engineering Sciences from the Institut Pascal (Blaise Pascal University, Clermont-Ferrand), a Master’s Degree in Robotics and Perception and a Master’s Degree in Engineering. He is working on perception for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems). His research interests revolve around SLAM (Simltaneous Localization And Mapping) techniques and collaborative approaches for localization purposes. He previously worked at the INRIA (the French national research institute for the digital sciences).

What are we really talking about with the autonomous vehicle ? Why are there five stages of autonomy ? At what time scale will any of these stages (from level 1 of simple driving assistance to level 5 of total autonomy) be achieved ? What has been marketed so far ? How does the AV perception works ? And what can we expect in terms of human-machine interface ?

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