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Tech for tech or tech for good ? Disrupting, for whom and why ?

Jean-Pierre Orfeuil, Civil Engineer and Doctor of Statistics, directed Space and Mobility Economics Division at INRETS (which became IFSTTAR) before joining the École d’Urbanisme de Paris at the University of Paris East, where he is professor emeritus. He has studied mobility through the lens of economic, financial, social, environmental, urban and territorial challenges. Author of numerous books on these issues, he has been working with the City on the Move Institute (or IVM in French, and now City On The Move-VEDECOM Institute) since its inception.

Autonomous vehicles, whatever their disruptive potential, will not be designing a new world on a blank sheet of paper. Jean-Pierre Orfeuil will lay out the possibilities of revolution or disruption in human mobility induced by the digital revolution, their meaning, the obstacles that will be encountered, as well as the adequacy of these potential disruptions to the contemporary challenges of cities and their transport systems.

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