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Vehicle routing problem for City Logistics systems

Mohamad HOBBALLAH, Post-Doctoral Researcher, City Lab

City logistics deals with the logistics and transportation activities in urban areas, and it requires the active involvement of both public and private actors. In the years to come, a vast majority of the world’s population will live in cities. In this manner, economic growth, improvement of urbanization environmental effects, resolving urban unemployment, safe urban freight transport, and environmental impact will all be affected by city logistics. In this presentation, we will focus on a newly proposed model of city logistics that took a growing interest in recent years : Multi-stage distribution system. The multi-stage distribution system provides the means to efficiently keep large trucks out of the city center, with small and environment-friendly vehicles providing the last leg of distribution activities. We present the problem, and we focus on how to minimize the costs of deploying such a system. Finally, we compare our solution with other currently existing distribution systems.

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